* Independent, real-world knowledge
* In-depth knowledge
* Energizing delivery and content
* Hands-on or instructor-led
* Active Directory design, Group Policy, Windows security, and more 


* Design, implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
* Accurate and efficient solutions
* Education on products is always included
* Professional service and advice, at reasonable pricing
* Active Directory, Windows Vista, Group Policy, Windows security, and more

Professional Speaking

* Dynamic delivery
* Deep and commanding knowledge of material being presented
* Currently speak at over 10 events each year
* Technical, professional, and soft skills topics can be delivered
* Past speaker at TechEd, TechMentor, Windows Connections, MISTI, IIA, and more

* Author of Group Policy Resource Kit and Group Policy Guide by MSPress
* Over 15 books published in past 8 years
* Contributor to, TechNet Magazine, and more
* Published hundreds of articles on IT related subjects over past 8 years
* Concise, precise, and professional style and approach, yet never boring



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